Space Invader Fire LED Light

A new type of Electric Fire

When we came across this old single bar electric fire, we immediately though of the old space invaders game, the shape of the unit just looks so similar to those original monsters from mars from the 1970s arcade video game.   We had to buy it and then set about transforming it into a re-purposed creation.  We wanted to re-invent a take on the electric fire, so decided to fill the original heating element and fire brick space with over 100 Full colour LED's and then we set about creating a visual lighting display that mimicks a real flame coal fire,  Sparks of heat at the bottom of the fire ignite white hot and then burn orange, yellow then red as the fire cools, eventually the flame extinguishes out.   Watch the Video below of this amazing fire to see the true full relaxing effect.



Looks hot, but it's not - it's cool


No heat - place it absolutely anywhere

Unlike the original electric fire, this is made from, this one uses LED light bulbs to generate the 'fire' pattern, and no heat is generated, meaning you can place this fabulous item anywhere, on a hearth, mantlepiece, side table, kitchen worktop, windowsill - anywhere!


Customisable settings

On the rear are some control buttons and a modern LCD display. Using the buttoms you can check and change the settings of the fire, brightness, flame speed, heat intensity and cooling speed are all customisable, so you get the display that suits you and your setting best.  In addition different colours can be selected, although we prefer the standard heat fire settigs.  But maybe when you have a party, you'd want to choose the brighter rainbow or party colours?


Unique one-off

Every piece we create is a unique, one off item.  Each is individually numbered with a serial number.  Making each item, exclusive, and even more collectible.



Lifetime Support

We stand behind all our pieces with an initial 12 months full guarantee.  After that we also guarantee to provide a support, repair and maintenance service forever.


Family Business

We are a small family business, and care passionately about our creations, or customers, the environment and re-cycling/up-cycling.


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