Philips Infraphil LED Lamp - Serial Number 000264

Philips Infraphil LED Lamp - Serial Number 000264

This Philips Infraphil health lamp was introduced in the early 1960's and was popular in the UK for the whole of that decade.  Other models were introduced in the 1970's and beyond, but this one, with the striking chrome grill at the front, is, in our opinion, the best one!  Iconic space-age 1960's design.


We have removed the original infra-red light bulb and replaced it with a RetroElectro 93 LED display system.  The LED's are positioned behind a white plastic panel which provides light diffusion.


The Lamp is fully Wi-fi enabled and is fully configurable in terms of the patterns and colours it displays, just like all our other RetroElectro creations.


This item remains in its orginal blue colour and does not have the original red philips logo sticker at the front. (These rarely survived due to the heat from the lamp making them peel off eventually). Please see video of actual item in gallery above. A video of a similar item is available


Video here : 


Longer video here:


To see videos of all the different patterns that this lamp produces, please see the following sample videos:













  • WiFi Enabled

    The lamp light displays are fully customisable, and all of this is done via WiFi - from your smartphone, laptop, pc, or tablet. 


    Different Patterns and Colour Palettes can be selected, along with timings, speed, colour change frequency, brightness etc. 


    Once you have created the settiings you like the most, these can be saved and are remembered when the lamp is next powered on.

  • Guarantee and Returns

    All our products are fully guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase.  

    Contact us first if you are having any issues. We will advise.


    PLEASE NOTE: This is an UPCYCLED Product and has previously been used for it's original purpose. As such may have marks, dints and dings, chips, cracks, rust, missing paint or enamel, etc.  Do not expect a brand new product.  Please review the product pictures carefully!