Electro Mechanical "Pinball" Clock

Electro Mechanical "Pinball" Clock

Electro mechanical clock

Unique Pinball Electro Mechanical Score Reel Clock WiFi Enabled.


This is a unique Clock for all pinball fans, because it is made using old spare score reels from Electro Mechanical (EM) Pinball Machines.


The Clock is controlled by a powerful ESP32s microprocessor with an inbuilt real time clock with battery backup. (So this means the clock resets to the correct time when unplugged from the main and then re-plugged back in.)


The clock is self-sufficient and will work and tell the time as soon as you plug it in. In addition, it has in-built WiFi and this is used for two purposes:


Firstly you can connect to the clock directly from your smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC and you can perform admin functions, like change the time and also set-up a "Quiet Time", then the clock will 'go to sleep' - useful for night time, for example.


Secondly, you can configure the clock to connect to your WiFi network, and, then it will always pick up the current time from the Internet.


The Clock also handles BST to GMT time conversions automatically.


When the clock is first powered on it performs a start-up routine, it will turn each reel one step, then it turns each reel to number "0", then finally it will display the current time.


There is something magical about the satisfying sound of the 'clunk' as each score reel turns - just like the sound of a classic EM Pinball!


The clock has a white acrylic front panel and is mounted in a simple pine box style case. It is possible to decal up the front panel to fit in with the style/graphics of your favorite pinball machine.


See our YouTube video:



Item is supplied with full support from me and a full 12 months warranty.


Any questions, please ask.