Belling Handy LED Lamp - Serial Number 000118

Belling Handy LED Lamp - Serial Number 000118

SKU: 000118

We had one of these Belling Handy heaters in our home when I was a child, and, when I saw one for sale a few months ago, I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it.


The space-age shape and the peppering of holes lends itself perfectly to lighting.​


This item has been re-painted in silver metalic paint. It is mounted to a solid Oak, oiled plinth. The plinth is optional and can be removed if you wish to mount directly to a wall, ceiling, floor or furniture item.  Also on the plinth we have affixed the original warning label that was on the body of the heater.  This makes an interesting addition! 


Unlike the original electric fire that this item was made from, this one uses LED light bulbs to generate the 'fire' pattern, and no heat is generated, meaning you can place this fabulous item anywhere, on a hearth, mantlepiece, side table, kitchen worktop, windowsill - anywhere!


We have programmed in a whole load of different patterns to these Belling Handy LED lights, please see the sample videos here:

Sample Rainbow patterns here.

Sample Random Noise patterns here.

Sample Sine Wave patterns here.

Sample Spectrum analysis patterns here.

Sample Sweep patterns here.


  • WiFi Enabled

    The lamp light displays are fully customisable, and all of this is done via WiFi - from your smartphone, laptop, pc, or tablet. 


    Different Patterns and Colour Palettes can be selected, along with timings, speed, colour change frequency, brightness etc. 


    Once you have created the settiings you like the most, these can be saved and are remembered when the lamp is next powered on.

  • Guarantee and Returns

    All our products are fully guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase.  

    Contact us first if you are having any issues. We will advise.


    PLEASE NOTE: This is an UPCYCLED Product and has previously been used for it's original purpose. As such may have marks, dints and dings, chips, cracks, rust, missing paint or enamel, etc.  Do not expect a brand new product.  Please review the product pictures carefully!

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