4 Digit Plug in Full Colour 7 segment display clock in a Resistance Box

4 Digit Plug in Full Colour 7 segment display clock in a Resistance Box

This Clock is made using our in-house designed “plug-in” 7 segment display boards.  These are something we have designed and built ourselves from Scratch.   Each ‘digit’ is a separate unit which plugs into a base board.  This clock features 4 digits.  Each digit consists of 25 Full Colour LEDs (capable of displaying more than 16million different colours), arranged into the popular ‘7 segment’ arrangement, which then allows us to display the numbers 0-9 and certain Letters from the alphabet.

We have housed the clock on an upcycled Resistance box and we think this looks brilliant. 

This Clock uses the latest electronics to keep accurate time, and it is also wi-fi enabled. You can easily connect the clock to your wi-fi network and then it will pick up the most accurate time from the Internet.


It will auto adjust between BST/GMT (you can adjust the Time difference, in the settings menu).


As well as displaying the time, this clock can also be set to show a variety of different display animations, it will also 'reveal' the current time in a number of ways. You can choose what is displayed and for how long, and you can setup a list of different displays, which will be shown in turn. It shows date DDMM, Year, Seconds, as well as some pattern displays.


Limited Numbered Edition

Each item produced by Retro Electro Designs is assigned a unique number, and this one is number 410. The number is permanently attached to the item.


Item dimensions

Approximate max dimensions of item on its stand: 220mm X170mm X 80mm


Power adaptor

A brand new UK mains power adaptor is included with this item, because it uses low voltage (9-10v), it does not need to be PAT tested.

  • A new type of Clock

    When we conceived the idea for Retro Electro Designs, we had a desire to produce the very best we could find in terms of unique upcycled items - lamps and clocks. We started with Lighting displays and lamps and have expande into clocks and other time telling devices.  Our displays have been described as ‘mesmerising’, ‘amazing’, ‘wonderful’, ‘relaxing’, ‘exciting’, ‘moody’.   Our Clocks have beeen descriped as "Funky", "amazing", "truly unique" and "Out of this world".

  • Upcycled Time-pieces you have never seen before!

    Retro Electro Designs are a UK producer of these amazing, mesmerising Clocs and timepieces that do a little bit more than tell the time!. Made from upcycled, repurposed 20th Century household items and industrial equipment, tapping into our rich heritage of supeerbly manufactured items from days gone by when products were very well made.

  • Unique, Collectible, Valuable, Investment

    One-off unique items. Individually Numbered. Trackable. Traceable. Collectible. Every item has a retro electro production number label permanently affixed to it. Some of our clients have requested certain numbers. You can too. We can provide a list of available numbers, and you can commission a piece with a specific number, if this interests you.

    Value investing. Most things you buy go down in value. We can’t 100% guarantee it, but our products are robust, long lasting, in-demand. Prices have increased in the short number of years we have been producing. You will be happy.

    Excellent value for money, will last a lifetime, quality components used throughout.

    Superior build quality. Upcycling benefits from excellent quality mid-20th Century base items. Often our items are solid, metal, well built,back in a decade when things were made to last.

  • Free Updates - FOREVER

    Get new display patterns and new colour palettes FREE, FOREVER!!

    We are constantly developing our products and we will provide updates from time to time, including new features, new display patterns and new colour palettes. These will always be provided free to existing customers. You can help us by suggesting new patterns, new colours, new ideas. We love to collaborate and get feedback from you. Lifetime support. Lifetime free software upgrades. You have trouble free ownership.

    Easy to install upgrades – Your Retro Electro Designs Clock has an in-built software upgrade facility. Simply follow the easy instructions and upgrade to the latest version, unlocking yet more new features, new display patterns, new colour palettes.

  • Easy to Use, no “app” to install

    Easy to use. You just plug in and go. We pre-configure all clocks before we send them out to you, so when you receive it, just plug it in and sit back and watch a wonderful l show! After that. It’s easy for you to change settings. You just use your smart phone. No silly app to install. The clock itself does all the clever stuff, so you can relax and enjoy. Simple Wifi- we’ve made the wi-fi password fixed, so you can never forget it (and if you do – we know it and will help you out – FREE!).

    Simple configuration choices allow you to choose what patterns and colours and how fast or slow the patterns should change. Ability to get the clock it’s self to choose, it will cycle through all the different display pattern options, if you want, or pick one at random, or you can get it to do a combo – e.g. display the time, followed by the date, then pick something at random, then repeat the whole cycle.

  • Wi-fi Configurable Display, Internet Accurate Time

    This  clock contains a wi-fi system, which allows you to connect your phone, tablet, laptop or computer to the clock, and, once connected, you can change and configure what the clock displays, there are many different options to choose from. Once of the nicest features is the ‘cycle’ feature which rotates around all of the different time & lighting patterns in turn. There is a ‘random’ pattern feature too that chooses a pattern at random, each time the pattern cycles round. You can choose how long each pattern is displayed for before moving on to the next one, and you can also choose the speed at which the display moves. Slow speeds for moody relaxation, faster speeds for party time!

    Plug in and go -Please Note: the item comes pre-configured, so as soon as you plug it in and switch on you will be delighted with its colourful time and date and pattern displays.

    Internet Accurate Time: By linking your clock to your wifi network, it will always pick up the correct time from the internet. It adjusts for BST/GMT automatically too!

  • Planet Saving. Money efficient. Memory making.

    We are keen to save the planet one products at a time! By buying a Retro Electro Designs product instead of something newly manufactured, you are contributing to saving the planet and supporting the upcycling/re-cycling movement. So, please, take a bow, and feel good about that! 

    Our products are made out of mid-20th Century items that were made to last. Metal not plastic. We’ve worked hard to ensure our products also use a little electricity as possible. Hence LED’s. We’ve included a brightness control (in the software configuration), less light out = less power used.

    Make memories for your family and friends – a Retro Electro Designs Clock makes a memorable gift for someone you care about.

  • More inspiration, more information?

    Youtube: search for "retro electro designs". We have lots of videos of products and the different display patterns and colour palettes that this and our other clock and lamps are capable of producing.

    Instagram: search for “retro_electro_designs”,

    Facebook: search for Retro Electro Designs facebook page.

    See our website – google “Retro Electro Designs”.

  • 14-day money back, no quibble guarantee

    If for any reason you decide to return your item to us, we will refund the purchase price in full within 14 days, no questions asked. (Just return the item to us in the same condition we provided it).

  • Full 12 months parts and labour guarantee

    Products will be repaired (or replaced, at our discretion) on a RTB (return to base) basis for a full 12 months from purchase date. Thereafter we offer a reasonably priced repair service.

  • Lifetime Help and Support

    We are in this for the long term, it’s our lifestyle business and we enjoy it. We will provide product software updates from time to time, so that your product will evolve and be capable of displaying new date/time options, colour patterns and colour palettes as we introduce new ones in the future. FREE. 

    Contact us anytime with, questions, ideas, issues, suggestions.

    Our customers help us shape the future of our products, so we want to hear from you.

  • Real People, A true Family business

    We’re real people with a passion for what we do. We are Alan and Clare (with occasional help from our kids too). We are a real family business, based in West Yorkshire, designing, refurbing, upcycling, building and testing each item lovingly by hand. We look forward to getting to know you and serving you for a long time.

    Demand for our products is high and we have a waiting list for commissions and bespoke items. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

    Buy today and start saving the planet – one Retro Electro Product at a time!


    PLEASE NOTE: This is an UPCYCLED Product and has previously been used for it's original purpose. As such may have marks, dints and dings, chips, cracks, rust, missing paint or enamel, etc.  Do not expect a brand new product.  Please review the product pictures carefully!

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