Our unique LED display patterns

more aesthetically pleasing

Multi-coloured LED displays are quite common, but we found that the standard ones you buy off the shelf were very limited in the displays and colour combinations they offer. So, we decided to create much better LED display patterns and have gathered together some of the most exciting and visually stimulation, aesthetically pleasing LED display patterns.

Please review the different pattern videos below


Circular Patterns:

These patterns are used in our creations with a circular display, e.g. fan heaters range and the heat lamps, etc.


Rectangular Patterns

These patterns are used in all our creations that have a square or rectangular display area, including the toasters and fires



Our first project was to turn an old cast iron single bar electric fire into a feature light.  We had the idea of displaying an LED light show that simulated how a real fure would look, with a white heat at the bottom of the fire, with the heat gradually cooling as the fire rises, from white-hot through yellow, orange, red and eventually dying out to black.  A real fire of wood and coal often sparks and re-heats up, so we added that to the display too.



These videos show the clock function, on some creations, the full time is shown, on others, (e.g. toaster range) the display area is not big enough to show the whole time, so the display moves from side to side to show the time.


Belling Handy Heater Patterns

Coming soon............

These are the patterns that feature in the belling handy, and other "bar" heaters


Future Patterns

We plan to add new display patterns in the future.   Every product we create, is capable of software upgrades which will make any new patterns available to you.