Cool Fires

The electric fire re-invented as a light display and clock

Electric Fires were once commonplace in UK homes, in the time period between the mass introduction of Electricity into UK homes and the popularity of central heating.

We have turned these lovely looking items into amazing Lighting displays. one option is to display a simulated real coal effect fire! Some products also have a clock feature and can show the current time.



Looks hot, but it's not - it's cool


No heat - place it absolutely anywhere

Unlike the original electric fire, this is made from, this one uses LED light bulbs to generate the 'fire' pattern, and no heat is generated, meaning you can place this fabulous item anywhere, on a hearth, mantlepiece, side table, kitchen worktop, windowsill - anywhere!


WiFi Enabled

The lamp light displays are fully customisable, and all of this is done via WiFi - from your smartphone, laptop, pc, or tablet.  Different Patterns and Colour Palettes can be selected, along with timings, speed, colour change frequency, brightness etc.  Once you have created the settiings you like the most, these can be saved and are remembered when the lamp is next powered on.


Unique one-off

Every piece we create is a unique, one off item.  Each is individually numbered with a serial number.  Making each item, exclusive, and even more collectible.


Lifetime Support

We stand behind all our pieces with an initial 12 months full guarantee.  After that we also guarantee to provide a support, repair and maintenance service forever.


User Configurable

Each of the patterns and colour palettes can be changed to suit your particular preferences and room setting.  Once you are happy with the changes you have made, these can be stored into the fire, so will be remembered next time the fire is switched on.


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